Department of Chemistry, Brandon University , CANADA

Agilent 6530 QTOF LC-MS/MS


Our lab currently houses the following mass spectrometers and instrumentation.  


Bruker HCT-Ultra ETD Ion Trap LC-MS/MS 

Kingfisher Magnetic Co-IP/Sample Prep Stations 

Other Equipment in our lab include:

  • Eppendorf Celligen BioReactor
  • SDS-Page/westernblot
  • Gel/Chemi Doc
  • Agilent 3100 IEF Offgel
  • Invitrogen Zoom IEF
  • 3 HPLCs (off-line SCX, C18 & SEC) & fraction collection
  • Centrifuges
  • Microscopes
  • Mammalian cell culture hoods & incubators
  • Bacterial incubator & shakers
  • Precellys bead homogenizer
  • Nanospray tip puller
  • High capacity PCR array
  • ​Speedvac

For more information please contact chenv [at]

Beckman 9-channel CyAn ADP Flow Cytometer

​​​Gap junctions are intercellular channels established by the connexin family of proteins.  Our work focuses on understand the function of connexin via the analysis of protein-interaction networks, post-translational modifications and degradation pathways.

For application in the diagnostic environment, we are also interested in the development of robust LC-MS strategies to identify signals utilized by glioma cells. 

Our lab specializes in quantitative proteomics. Trainees working within our group covers a wide range of topics including food safety, protein-protein interactions, mechanisms glioma drug resistance and cell death using proteomics and metabolomics techniques.